Medical Indemnity Insurance

What We Can Do For You




  • Medical Practitioners
  • Doctors in Training and salaried medical officers
  • Staff specialists


  • Practice 
  • Health Care Companies
  • Consulting Firms

PMIB is able to facilitate substantial GROUP Purchasing Discounts when insuring 10 or more medical professionals. 

MediCo. Insurance

We can assist you with cover for 

  • Practice Property (Commercial Property) covering building, contents/stock, machinery and electronic equipment, glass, theft, data recovery, business interruption

  • Public Liability covering personal injury, third party property damage and goods in physical and legal control

  • Management Liability cover including but not limited to directors and officers liability arising from claims surrounding the management of the company, fidelity (employee theft), employment practices liability, statutory liability to the extent permitted by law and tax audit

  • Cyber covering your exposure to cyber crime and the expenses associated with cyber disruption 

  • Voluntary Workers covering non paid volunteers, interns and work experience candidates against physical injury whilst engaged in providing services to the company

  • Corporate Travel covering directors, officers and employed persons of the company including components of private non business travel as well as accompanying spouses and children medical indemnity insurance

Personal Insurance

We can also assist with personal lines insurance, e.g. 

  • home and contents
  • investment properties (residential and commercial*)
  • motor vehicle 
  • aviation hull and liability
  • boat 
  • fine art 
  • jewelry and other valuables 
  • wine collections
  • ... 

* PMIB's general placements department is able to competitively place cover for any other business/commercial interests you may hold outside of the medical sphere